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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So the Girls' Brigade wants to ruin my life. The Blessing is in the Brigade. Has been since she was about three. I think it is entirely too young. I also don't like all this marching around and talk of god (being a supreme being person myself. think the term 'god' is just too gender specific. yes, i have been told than since i am denying the unmistakeable maleness of the supremem being that i am doomed to burn in the fires of hell. i am okay with that). But the H, loved being in Boys Brigade. Loved the drilling and uniform inspection and the bible quizes and what not. So he wants the Blessing to have that same opportunity for fun and well off she goes on Thursdays to play with the other little girls and march.

Anyway, several weeks ago it was the GB dispaly and all the girls did things (tricks! with tamborines! and skipping ropes!) and then they handed out the prizes. The Blessing left in tears because she didn't win any prizes. I tried to point out all the prizes she gets in schools, etc. etc. No dice. She wanted a cup. When she went to the golf club one night for dinner with the grandparents, upon leaving, she pased the trophy case and burst into tears. She thought about not getting cups at Girl's Brigade.

And why is the child not excelling at GB?I blame me. First, she doesn't get all of her Sunday School points because well, I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to church. So, any chance to miss and this is a family that takes it. Then she doesn't get all her uniform points. Her shoes aren't white enough. I didn't sew her badge on in the right place (last year, I got the wrong badge). In general, I don't think I know enough of GB to know the pitfalls and get what I need to do for her. And well, I think GB is like the presbyterian nazi youth actually and I don't want to take the time to get it right. Its the H's thing; he can deal with all the added bits. So, I let my child down. She's 5! She isn't going to excel at uniform and church without active parental involvement. I hate the GB. I hate it.

But I do love Pimp My Ride. Best car ever last night. It had hawaiin print and a hot air popper. Oh, how I want that car.

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A whole different world ... wow.
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