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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So I'll admit it, like watching MTV. I do think it is intereting that you so rarely see videos on mtv anymore. It is all their reality shows. Ah, I do remember my youth and a resturant in Westwood that was downstairs and had tv screens showing mtv. And I would go and eat and watch. Back in the days when I would either stay up or tape Friday Night Videos on I think NBC. I know, I know, I am dating myself big time.

I now have Sky. Which means I have like 25 channels of video goodness. Though I am a bit saddened to see that channel Q has disappeared. And I find that when I have ten minutes to kill between the start of a programme I want to see (like CSI or 24), I will scroll on over to the endless music channels. Far too much Oasis on VH2 for me. The Gallaghers are not rock and roll geniuses. They aren't. Anyway, that explains how I came to be horrified, and I do mean horrified by a show on MTV sunday night. My Super Sweet 16. The girl spent half a million on a party and well to become the more popular in her school. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Of course, it also explains what I was doing wrong all those years ago in high school. My heart still belongs to Pimp My Ride. Yes ridiculous but you can still use that hot air popper even when your friends have moved onto some other car with even more dvd players. Ma Bear sends me news of how wide spread its influence has become.

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After reading your description of the Orange March you attended, I've decided to see the 12th march in Belfast. Safety be damned, I shall see one of those things this July, or regret not doing so for the rest of my life. Anyway, thanks for the reply, and the interesting note on the lamp-post flags also. My offer of the snooker computer programme still stands, if you're interested.

I wouldn't worry about the safety. I never felt unsafe at the twelth (not
even the year that locals took my front gates to use in a blockade of the
road) but after experiencing one big display of public drunkeness and
littering like there was no tomorrow I wasn't convinced this was a folk
festival I needed to see more than the once. I have not gone to watch again.
And now I actually do try and leave NI for the week, not just because of the
parades but because the whole place shuts down.

If you are watching the main Belfast parade, you will be fine. It might be
different if you are watching wear the smaller feeder parades start to join
the main (I am thinking the lower Ormeau in particular). And your chances
of violence are greater on the return march later in the day when people
have had more of a chance to drink lots. I haven't gone to the field to hear
the speeches. Couldn't be bothered to make the trek.

I do have my snooker soft spot. Send the game though to my home address (who
knows if it will get through the work filters): kate.ayers@btinternet.com
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