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Sunday, May 01, 2005

So much to say. I am going through one of those phases where I feel like I want to blog about all sorts of things. Like the Girl's Brigade. Northern Ireland elections. The opera on Friday night. But well, we have reached the final stages of the embassy world championship and I think I should blog about snooker before it is all over.

I really do think it is Matthew's year. I felt that when Mark Williams got knocked out by Sean Murphy (who is just too young to win). First, I think after the grand slam, its a good time to be Welsh. And second, Matthew has finally got rid of those ridiculous blonde highlights. I've been a fan of his, since he first arrived on the scene. Shallow that I am, I fell for him because of his shirts. He has lovely red dragons on his cuffs. And while I supported Williams because he was Welsh, I could never warm to him after learning he hates cats. He also likes fast cars and though he can pot like a demon, he took a few seasons to figure out tactically how to play.

So, I love snooker. I have for years. Though the early 90's is probably when I watched it the most. I love the BBC commentary. John Virgo has me in stitches, while Dennis Taylor is just so soothing. I suppose I find it intellectually challenging. Its all about angles. And physics. Knowing where the cue will end up and the shot not only needs to lead to a pot but lead to the next shot which should also have a pot. And then when you get shots developing colours, sever shots before they will be needed to be played! How can one deny the thinking that has to go into playing?!?

Which leads me to a fantasy. I always thought I should go on a gameshow, answer trivia questions, win prizes. Then I did the University Challenge thing and discovered that those bright lights freaked me out. No more dreams of cleaning up on Jeopardy (tried out for Jeopardy once. Met Alex Trebeck). But Gimme a Break would be different. The questions are really basic. You get paired with a snooker player who then has to make shots to get you prizes. I used to have my partner all picked out. It was going to be John Higgins who I loved in those early 90's. I know, I know, lots of people adored Ronnie. And he is an amazing player. I think he is snooker in its more raw and powerful incarnation. But I loved Higgins brain. He thought about his play and well, he looked like such a nice boy. Then Matthew arrived on the scene and I was stuck. Would I want John, who would be likely to pot lots of balls and win lots of prizes? Or did I want Matthew so I could ask for one of his shirts? Alas, they don't make the show anymore. But if they ever want to bring it back, I want to be a contestant!
Update: Yes, I now realise that the Gamewhow is not Gimme a Break, but actually Big Break. Yes, I hate Jim Davidson. I would still sell my right arm to go on it, play with Matthew and ask him for one of his shirts. How sad am I?

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