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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bad me, bad, bad bad me.
So yeah, up to the ears in work so no posting. And it isn't like I haven't had the urge to rant about too much Oasis on VH2 or the fact that I read a great blog entry on how boring Coldplay is (the H likes them what can I say) or the fact that I did go and see the latest Star Wars. What a bad film maker that George Lucas is!
And for those of you who are vaguely interested in the train wreck that my family can be, Yes! The sister has shacked up again with the man who may or may not have laid hands upon her child but most definitely used the kind of language that I would never allow any man to use in my presence (because I am a boot-wearing feminist and I don't do that kind of stuff) to describe her daughters. Strangely enough this had lead to all sorts of depression in the people she is related to. And well, I haven't even had a conversation with the children to see what they might think about all this. Makes me happy I live on an island, separated by the sea from all the madness. No trips to Wales for a long time to come.

Oh and the slugs have been doing all sorts of horrible things to my plants. Eaten all my parsley leaves. I had just bought four new parsley plants, but them in and then desolation. The H has started revenge by leaving containers of beer lying about and the suckers are drowning all over the place. I just don't know if should plant more parsley or indeed what to do with the herb garden. Its divided into eights. And really only the oregano and the chives have taken off. The mint looks like it may be about to do surprising things. The sage struggled on but is just a few leaves on a lot of stalks and the thyme is a bit hit and miss but at least the slugs are leaving it alone. I stuck some lavender in a pot and it is growing all over the place. And I really would like to grow the thyme and the parsley and I am wondering should I abandon my clay like ground and retreat to containers or should I just buy more plants, stick them in the ground, in the hopes someday they will survive?
I hate gardening.

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