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Monday, June 27, 2005

Exciting night, last night, at my house.

Okay, I lie. No excitement here. I do laundry, perhaps think about cleaning, talk about plants, and then take a nap. I like naps. But anyway, last night, what excitement on TV! Season finale of 24. Now, I will admit to watching season 1 and 2. Then it switched over to SkyOne and I couldn't commit another 24 weeks so I missed season 3. And somehow got dragged into the whole thing for season 4. Which just pushed past all sorts of credibility. Why did that woman try to kill President Palmer in the first place? And that isn't the question that really bothers me. I thought the first time that they captured Marwan (at hour 19 or so before Audrey's husband dies on the table because Jack has succcessfully invaded the chinese embassy--what isn't too love?), Jack shot him in the leg. I thought he went right up to the boy and put a bullet into him beacuse a) Jack was angry b) he wanted Marwan to know he meant business and this was the beginning of the pain that could await him and c) to sort of keep him in place. Now, I'll admit I don't know how Marwan escaped but I am good with that. Need him to escape, still have hours to go, etc. etc. And besides Marwan is the Mummy and thus should have some special powers. But how does he get to be running around without a care in the world a scant few hours after the shooting I swear I saw. Then again, Jack shot him last night. In the ankle and well the guy wasn't going to get out of that. I suppose I am a little disappointed that there was no romance between Chloe and Edgar but then she could kick his ass and just about anyone else's at CTU. And the new president? What a weasel.

Also watched (just tiny bits of ) Pimp My Ride UK. And well, it is just like the Guardian said. Mechanics who have been attacked by hairdressing students and a lot of gel and the guy that have being half Xzbit and half the head guy at West Coast, oh, he could give me nightmares. Urban slang with a huge helping of east london. ooooh. spooky. I will watch it though. Much like I watch CSI:Miami. Because it makes me hurt.

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