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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I need to work on public persona
It is the season of giving and office parties and well, secret santas. I tried to get the office to move away from Secret Santas and improve the chances of people getting stuff they liked. But no, tradition prevailed and this might explain why I am now the proud owner of a furry purple alarm clock with feet and deely-boppers on its head. And if that isn't frightening enough (had to avoid the use of the pun 'alarming!'), when I show this thing to people they say, "Oh that's so you!". In what alternative universe?!? My alarm clock, I have several, is either,

  • a small portable one easy to stick in pocket when running for a plane.
  • one with a radio so that I can listen to the farm report at 6:45 and wonder what a hoggat is and whether the price is up or down
  • or a Michael Graves designed, art decoish, Target purchase.

All these, I would argue, are me. Purple fur, not so much.

posted at 7:02 AM

Oh, I dunno, I can see it, yes, I can.
that is a vicious slur. (the clock is now residing in the Blessing's bedroom. Next to the pink globe).
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