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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Its Sunday Night, so it must be paranoia time.
We are well into the christmas season by now (yes, I had all my shopping done before the 1st of december) and we have started the whole festive entertainment schedule. School pagents, work dos. The H wanted to have the neighbors over. Which didn't fill me with glee as I have had stress dreams in which the neighbors are all having a party and I am not invited. So, he planned, invited, cooked, etc. and I had stress dreams. 2 in the 24 hours before the party. And it all went well. The food was excellent. I made mulled wine--the first batch had cognac in it before I ran out of cognac. I discovered our damp problem is universal. The builders need to put more insulation around the garage and that everyone hates a lot of the children in the neighborhood. The blessing won't play with the local kids and after her last birthday party I am learning to trust her judgement when it comes to other children. But my big question/paranoia now? Well, having a party meant we had to get the tree up. So Thursday we went to the garden centre and picked up a douglas fir. Obviously dead, after last year's distasterous 'I want a tree I can plant in the yard' experience. I am in to work on Friday, getting the lift up with a co-wage slave muttering about getting my tree and she said, 'I suppose you get a real tree.' I nodded and she continued, 'I figured you were a real tree kind of person.' And its bugged me ever since. What is a real tree kind of person? how am I obviously it? I mean I do wander around singing let it snow and have a favorite christmas song (eartha kitt--santa baby) which brings me to another questions. Not just why am I a real tree person but does anyone know where I can get a copy of Miles Davis Blue Xmas, a very close second to my favorite christmas song. I used to have it on volume II of the Best Christmas Album inthe world. But that cd has been eaten in the depths of time. Most of the other stuff, I have on various crooner/easy listening christmas cds, but no Miles and I do love Blue Xmas. Don't get it confused with the Willie Nelson song. This is an entirely different kettle of fish. Christmas, bah humbug and bring on the kitsch!

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