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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Oh, Oh, Oh, a post about my child.
I believe I mentioned how the Blessing did not get a roboraptor for Xmas (though M&S were selling them at a much more reasonable price on Dec. 27th). But feel pitty for the poor child. She did get a planetarium, a book of sodoku puzzles, an awful lot of dinosaurs (who are currently not residing in her bed) and a kitchen chemisty set. She and the H are now looking for biological washing powder and a cooked egg white. I am a little concerned. Because of the space top trumps cards, I did catch the H explainig circumference and diamters of circles to her and then asking how many radiui there were in a diameter. The child hasn't a hope not to grow up a geek.

I am pleased to announce she is also becoming a pedant. At the afterschool club, a little boy announced he was friends with everybody, everyone in the world. The Blessing asked him if he was including all the children in Russia. I like to think those are my genes shining through. A dogged insistence on fact. And recalls an unfortunate memory of 6th grdae. We ran a small business and were thinking up advertising slogans. The teacher suggested "Save your damsel from distress, come to the sale at..." And my fellow sixthgraders asked the man what a damsel was and because he was a big proponent of peer learning, told them to ask me. I told them it was a fish. Because it is. The kind Finding Nemo is. Of course, it was also a woman and I did know that but I couldn't resist, even then, the opportunity to be difficult and pedantic all at the same time. Any wonder I was a social outcast during those teenage years?

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