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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Things I have learned/decided so far in 2006.
The postman reads my mail! No, really, I thought the postman reading people's postcards was just an unfair stereotype. But I went to the door yesterday in the hopes of receiving my mother's Christmas parcel and there was the postman reading the back of a postcard of San Fransisco. He handed and over and added, "You get the most interesting postcards. There was one, of a golf course, seen from a hotel window. It was beautiful". There you go, Blessing's godmother, making my postman want to holiday at the Wynn.

New Year's resolutions--well, I do believe in them after the year I decided to like Guinness and wear lipstick (only one of the resolutions stuck) but I do try to find well, slightly quirky ones. I also resolved several years ago to read a classic every year (that would explain The Illiad in all its blood and glory) and I don't think I made it this year so I do have Conrad's Nostromo wandering around my bag and will finish it before the end of the month. Thinking about Proust as the classic for 2006. This year's resolution? I would like better posture. I slouch too much. I could also use a new pair of brown shoes but I don't think that really counts.

I am also of course, following all new year's traditions, on a diet. Day 4 to be specific. The eat lots of cereal but no real food diet. It appears to be working. I have a headache and am cranky. And I bought a new scary scale that weighs to the quarter pound. It is going down. My strategy is to just keep trying diets. Must keep at each diet at least 2 weeks. I am allowed a 24 hour free period before I must get up and try the next diet horse. Should be fun for all!

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