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Monday, February 06, 2006

I was going to update people on my cultural life
How Film Club was going. What I thought of Munich. Books I am reading (I was annoyed by the ending in The Time Traveller's Wife). But no, I figured I had a much more important issue to discuss. The morality of the town I live in.

Alright, town is a bit of an exageration. Its a Victorian/Edwardian seaside resort with a train line that currently has no trains (though the chief executive of translink has assured me that will change.) When I first came to this part of the world, I thought it was a town filled with the elderly. A kind of Florida version of Northern Ireland. Now, after moving there I hear tales of debauchery and such. I have learned to accept that it could very well be a hub of drug taking. I can envision the youth, eating those magic mushrooms and looking at the sea. I can kind of stretch my mind and think, yeah maybe a bit of acid.

I draw the line at wifeswapping. I simply refuse to believe that Whitehead is a awash with key parties. I don't care who is willing to lay money on it. It isn't happening.

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