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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I am not the only one who tortures the Blessing
It was film club this week. We saw Good Night and Good Luck. People liked it more than Munich but I am not sure I agree. There may have to be an emergency film club outing to Grizzly Man because I work with someone obsessed with bears. There was a good story in yesterday's LA Times about bears in Monrovia (hanging out in pools, eating avacados) but I am too lazy to link with it. Anyway, at the same time the H made pancakes with the Blessing. Who wouldn't eat them. But he also spoke to her about Lent and maybe she should give something up. He suggested tomato ketchup. Which upset her. She pointed out she loved ketchup and well couldn't she give up her scooter for 40 days. Yeah, he's a good presbyterian.

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