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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I think I am having a second adolescence.

I don't know if it is because I turn 40 in a month but well, I think I am really trying too hard at being a teenager. Today for instance, if you were in Glasgow Airport, you would find me, sitting at Starbucks with my over-priced silly coffee (3 quid for a coffee! Jesus, Mary, Joseph, that little donkey and half a village but this civilisation needs to decline!), headphones on, music blaring, doing my maths homework. Yes, I appear to have woken up to the fact that I need to sit my gcse's in a couple months time and yes, I should do some revision. Oh and did I mention that I would much rather contemplate the concept of 18 year old boys then work on solving questions involving triangle numbers? I think it is a major case of trying to pretend I am not grown up.

At other moments these last few weeks, I thought I was coming to terms that I have become a sad adult. It all boils down to music. It started last week with The Cure's 'In Between Days' came on my player and in an instant I was back at LuValle commons, in the sun, waiting to meet Tone for lunch. Its lead to a frenzy of on-line music buying. Not that I have managed to fill the player up. I have a Rio. I got a 1GB sound card for Christmas and I still haven't filled the thing. I don't seem to find 'Trane could commuting music (though I do need to add more Billie to it).

So, I look at the state of my player and I can't tell if I am trying to pretend to be with it or if I am just trapped in my past. On the current trends, I do have my Muse, Magic Numbers, Arctic Monkeys, Killers and Strokes (I have an abiding fantasy about meeting up with Brandon Flowers in a parking lot in Vegas. But then I also have a fantasy about meeting Dave Grohl in the Coral Reef Lounge too). But on the whoel stuck in the 80's I have a great deal of fun with Camoe, Elvis 'The King' Costello, Joe Jackson, X, B-52's (my favorite band from Athens GA, as if Michael Stipe has ever produced such danceable music as 'Your Own Private Idaho). I am not sure where I stick Green Day or The Futureheads (particularly Hounds of Love), but at least I have a spring in my step though I do not believe I will be getting an A* in that exam.

And I screwed up The Guardian Soduku.

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