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Monday, March 13, 2006

So people who could be curious can see what my commute in the morning takes is!

I know if I was smart I would be able to just show the image but I can't. Anyway, that is the Whitehead train station. I don't cross thr bridge. Unless I was going to the yacht club for a drink. Not that I darken their door much since the boat I was learning to sail on capsized (turned turtle) and I worried about the cold water, the small life jacket, the jellyfish. Abandoned sailing lessons soon after that. Nice people though.

posted at 3:40 AM

Nice photo Kate, though, I don't get the sense of the mornings' commute, other than it's a pleasant, unhurried, and rather lonely, trip to work. Somewhat like mine, except at 5:30am, little traffic at that time in the morning here, ungodly early. But still, interesting. I have to say, I've done a bit of sailing myself, and am currently finishing a private pilot's licence. So, I'm pleased to say that I am coming back to the island this summer. Not to see one of those ever elusive July 12th marches, but to partly, visit friends, and partly, to meet up with my father for golf. My offer of the Virtual Pool Hall Snooker game still stands, I can drop it off if you like, since you apparently didn't want it posted to you. Anyway, as always, am still very interested in the daily life of the Irish people. Oh ... left a website where you can see some photos that I have taken, digital photography is a most enjoyable hobby with me. Hope you and the family are doing well, and keep commentary coming! Good stuff.
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