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Monday, April 03, 2006

Film Club --April Addition

I know, I know, I am giving people no notice, but Film Club! Tomorrow night (its the first Tuesday of the month) and I am going to go and see Inside Man at Dublin Road at 10 past 6.

Why Inside Man?
Its a Spike Lee Joint (and I love Spike Lee, not quite my favorite film maker but definitely in the top five list).

It stars Jodie Foster and Denzel Washington (I've had a crush on both those actors at different points in my life).
And it has Clive Owen, who is my current actor crush.

Its a heist film. And though really and truly I prefer my heist films to come from David Mamet (though I have strong postive feelings about Kubrick's The Killing), I am more than willing to see what Lee can do with a caper film. And it should have the traditional Lee politics!

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