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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The H's nightmare comes true!
We have got a kitten. I think I need to re-download picasso to put up photos of Jasper up. He is grey and fluffy with stripes starting to appear. He is pretty quiet, really likes people and is going through his so active I will chase my tail phase. The blessing and I are delighted.

The H isn't that fond of cats. Or animals. But he is living with Jasper, who likes to climb up the H's leg. However, what really upset the H was the Blessing saying in the pool Monday night that she was a Man U supporter. He thinks he has straightened her out. I am just hopeful that one trip to casulty later, she is going to stop putting money in her mouth because she might swallow it and then worried grandparents will insist on x-rays. (I figure people swallow ballons of heroin, surely little girls can survive swallowing pound coins?).

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