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Monday, June 19, 2006

Yes, I know I don't post much anymore. Thinking about what I want to do with blog. Until I make up my mind.... This is a story for Pansy. And a little Blessing blogging. I may have mentioned that she swallowed the pound coin. That there were x-rays (only because there were grandparents in the house!) Well, the pound coin has re-appeared. It took a little over a week. I won't give you details about the finding of it (though it was a lot more straightforward then you think. Biological matter managed to get flushed down the loo, heavier monies, managed to sit there looking big and black). The interesting thing about it is how it looks. Like it has been chemically blasted. If the digital camera was still working, I'd post a picture.

And she is my child (not my sister-inlaw's) as she now watches CSI with me. The H is not thrilled because it is leading to conversations about murder. How do guns kill people? How do knives? Who is the murderer? You know the stuff. I am kind of pleased she watches CSI with me but this could be bad parenting.

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