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Monday, August 07, 2006

Ah summer time, when I fondly recall my times at camp. And though I did attend Girl Scout Summer Camp in Virginia, I did not attend this one. I am however, quite frightened of squirrels. They can carry rabies and plague!!! Cute? I don't think so. Which also reminds me of the dead body in Yosemite story.

We (the boy I almost married and I) were travelling around California with some Brit-friends. We had done the Southern California beaches, Death Valley (the alternator on my car was going) and then up the mountains to Yosemite. We planned a picnic and had settled ourselves down with some Paul Mason wine (in the keep forever carafe) next to Yosemite falls. This was September and it had been a dry year so the falls were really a trickle. And the squirrels were aggressive! Harrying us for picnic food! We were picking up sticks and throwing them at them when the ex-boy picked up one and said, 'Look its a human jawbone. And it has teeth.' And you know it did. Three of them. One with a filling. So we, scoured the ground, found another piece of bone and then decided we should find the authorites.

Drove down to the visitor centre. Asked a uniformed park person on the way in and they suggested we go and visit the museum and the archeologists. We weren't sure this was the right place so we went up to the information desk. Waited patiently. As the park employees bitched about something or another. Finally, we were allowed to approach and we put our bones out on the counter.Their eyes got wide. Phone calls were maid and a ranger with a gun showed up and asked us to take him to where we had found the bones. We did. We didn't find anything else. We theorised who it might be and he said it would be a winter project to try and identify the body. They might have a chance a they had some teeth. Don't know what ever happened.

Might explain my CSI jones.

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