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Monday, October 09, 2006

It actually turned into a Kate mini-UK tour visiting old friends and eating raw fish (not nearly enough sushi restaurants in Northern Ireland). First it was off to London for work and a chance to check in on the tonester and see if he was adjusting to life in the seething metropolis London. Got a chance to check out another London airport, use the train, the tube and the buses, eat at a gastropub and then have a big disrupted commute to the offices. Then off to catch a train to Cardiff. Because though I had a plane ticket for a Belfast to Cardiff flight, I was in London. So off to Paddington. And Yo! Sushi. What can I say, I love conveyer belt sushi. I love watching the stuff go round and round, debating whether I wanted another dish of raw tuna. And I like the little spigots of fizzy water. All you can drink. Hopped on train but didn't go to Cardiff. Got off at Bristol to spend an evening role-playing. No, not like that. A game. A game set in the 1919's American College and had an evil Babylonian spirit that was taking over people. I was hoping to commit a murder but ran out of time. Next morning I woke up in Cardiff (after staying up until 3 am drinking Welsh whiskey and talking). Off to hear the bride give a lecture to year 1 and 2 medical students and then visit Ikea. Then other hen participants started to arrive. And more Japanese food! At Ichiban which was fabulous. Some people stayed up very late but I head off to bed at 2 am. Then it was Saturday. Full hen-party. More guests. A big breakfast. Off to get hair done. Bride spent over an hour at the Clarins counter getting her make-up done. It was brilliant. Drinks and nibbles in hotel room, then dinner, then the club. The night we were there, Miss Kitty and Miss Dazzle were performing. Their verdict? One of the hens says, that the drag artist(once he had changed & was ready to leave himself) came over to the 'girls' in the feather-boas (apparently the last to leave?) & congratulated us on being the best/most-classy audience he'd ever had!! - What a claim to fame & surelythat will be a talking point at the wedding. That would be us. Considered classy by drag queen's in Cardiff.

Cardiff is a lovely town with great shopping. But my is it rough. I haven't seen that much blood in so short a time in ages. Sirens, police cars, man with blood running down his face, another man walking quickly with hood up (only to put it down when he got 100 meters in front of us and the police). Police coming into the pub and questioning people. Bar fight at Minsky's. Lots of punches a few good kicks. Bouncer blood-stained. Cardiff, go for the shopping, avoid the town at night.

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