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Friday, October 13, 2006

Thursday Night is My Current Favorite Night of TV
Maybe its because I know I am going to watch tv and not get distracted by other things that I watch so much bad tv in the lead up to my good tv highlights. It goes something like Judge Judy/Hollyoakes, America's Next Top Model. Yes I watch all 3 at once depending on which captures my imagination. I love when they critique the models. Then its Channel 4 News/More Hollyoakes, and any bit of ANTM that I missed the first time around (thanks to living+1 channel). Then I watch Veronica Mars.

I've only recently come to Mars aftter reading it about it over and over. And I like it. I like the Noir bit and I like the class bit and I was thinking last night how it takes a noir setting to do class politics in the US and then realised that Noir really has always been about class. That Chandler and especially Hammett were just doing the class thing and showing just were capitalism took you, particularly morally. And that all the modern noir practioners are just keeping to these old established rules. Anyway, I like Mars. I am not getting into Battlestar Galactica. I have better things to do. The H is wild about it. Absolutely wild. But I don't know if its because of the politics. May have to cross examine him.

Thursday doesn't end with Veronica though. Then we get Extras, which last night was laugh aloud funny (and it had Sir Ian McKellan with a great description of what actors do. They get the words from the script. They pretend). Followed by The Sopranos. I didn't think I would make it through The Sopranos last night because well, the night before someone in the house was watching Doctor Who and someone else got scared and talked about nightmares and cried and had to sleep in my bed so there wasn't necessarily a lot of sleep Wednesday night. But The Sopranos was excellent. Christopher went to Hollywood. And mugged Lauren Bacall. It was fantastic.

Friday is always a let down.

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