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Monday, March 10, 2008

So I am sure you have missed me. I did have the child. End of May. On a Tuesday. Because surgeons don't like to schedule c-sections on a bank holiday Monday. He is fabulous. Happy, social and only now starting to toy with the forces of destruction. Of course we nearly killed him, his second night home. His big sister, the blessing tried to drown him in the bath. Alright, she only dropped him, but still there was frantic calls to the out of hours doctors, a rush up to Belfast and I now know the Royal Hospital for Sick Children far better than I ever wanted to. Its a great facility. The Blessing Mk II has been three times now. I know where to park, when the lift stops working and how to keep the original blessing entertained in the waiting room.

In 48 hours I take the whole family on a great adventure, vacation! We are road tripping through half of the US. Flying to Las Vegas. Going to the Grand Canyon, visiting my favorite relative in Salt Lake City (where High School Musical was filmed) before seeing the 'rents in Rapid City. I may keep you informed of all the fun and adventures. I may not survive. I suspect this trip will have far fewer strippers than previous trips.

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