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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sorry it took so long. I forgot my email and password for a while. I only have two passwords I use with any frequency (alright three if we count the family password, four if we include work and five if we include the work password I wrote down because it was a variation of my original (maybe four words I would normally use). Alright, I no longer access my Egg account because I have absolutely no idea what the password might be. I would like to be chipped. Then I would like to be scanned. Then I could stop having to use passwords and pin codes. Because I can’t remember them all. Somebody want to pretend to be me? I hope you have a good memory.

Two Posts in one Month!

Anyway, I have read a couple more books. Digging to America by Anne Tyler. I haven’t read any of her stuff since The Accidental Tourist so long ago. But I really liked this. Maybe because I am an adopted child (from another country—though we never had arrival day in my house) but I also really liked the Iranian elements. We read (at my instigation and my mother’s urging) Reading Lolita in Tehran for the book club I was attending. And so I am doing lots of thinking about dissidents Iranians and the Islamic revolution. Which also touches upon the other book I finished last night (but I can’t remember the title and will have to blog about it later. I am giving my mother Digging to America when she arrived in July. I do hope she likes Life of Pi.

Oh, and now I remember, I also just read Wintersmith. I love Pratchett. I will make no apology for it. I am currently rereading Moving Pictures because I am waiting for the library to bring me more of the Baroque Cycle. I like the little blue men (sort of) and absolutely love the witches. Glad I am not one. But I would like to meet Death and go on my summer holidays to Uberwald and join the Watch and yes, I have a secret crush on the Patrician and a little bit of a yen for Winter.

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