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Monday, June 02, 2008

Book update time.

So I finished the second and third volumes of the Barock Cycle, The Confusion and The System of the World. I think I liked The Confusion best of the lot because it was only in that volume I started to like Jack Shaftoe and well, there was quite a bit of Eliza in it too and I like Eliza a lot. Not as much as Daniel Waterhouse who is just a wonderful character. And I do think it is an amazing work. I now know so much more about the politics of early science and the beginnings of the slave trade. I do which Louis XIV would have come to a bad end, but I suppose that wasn't something I could realistically expect.

I also went to Portugal and stayed at Club Med Da Balaiai. Which was amazingly child friendly. Took child number two. The Blessing stayed with the grandparents and got bought a hand beaded £40 pair of sandals. I am planning on stealing them at the end of the summer because some people's feet will continue to grow and mine will remain the same. But having a week off meant that I read a few other things, like How to be Good, which was okay but nothing spectaccular if you ask me and then The Body Double (It came free with a woman's magazine) which was much better than I expected and The Echo. I suppose I was a bit disappointed with The Echo and I love Walters. Now reading a book about the Congo. I think I have a romantic idea of Africa.

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