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Friday, July 04, 2008

You know, I used to funny. And witty. And entertaining. Now I couldn’t type to save my life. But I used to send my opinions out to the blogsphere and well, it was amusing!

I’ve just been reading old blogposts. In part so I can remember what my top 10 films list looks like (for the record its:
Miller’s Crossing
The Big Sleep
Philadelphia Story
Valley Girl
The Killing
And well I was amusing. Admittedly, all I did was talk about Vegas, alcohol, CSI, alcohol, say disparaging things about my child (and now that would be children). But I gave the appearance of having a life! That wasn’t completely composed of a)not eating; b)playing Age of Mythology while c) waiting for my plants to grow in Plant Tycoon. Look at me now. Maybe I will try and be a bit more inspired.

Anyway, I have read a bunch. In particular a double volume of Jenny Coglan of Finding Addison and Amanda’s Wedding. I needed to buy a cheap book because the H weasled out of taking me out to a nice serious grown up lunch so that he could work in his office. I don’t know why he isn’t a slacker like me. Alas, I think I read Finding Addison once before from the library but can’t really remember. So, no, I don’t think I would recommend her work. I also read Harlan Corben’s Don’t Look Back, which I also can’t remember but thought that I enjoyed quite a bit.

On the non-fic side of things I did Blood River which may have convinced me that I don’t want to go and work in Africa doing something worthy but also Under the Banner of Heaven. Crazy Mormons!
I ploughed my through Mary Queen of Scotland and the Western Isles by Margaret George. Someone gave me her Autobiography of Henry VIII when I graduated high school and I really enjoyed it. But I didn’t like Cleopatra and I didn’t really like this. Though I did spend a bit of time on wikipedia afterwards. I could update some more but as I don’t know how to blog below the fold, I am quitting now.

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